About the United States Golf Teachers Federation®

Founded in September, 1989, the United States Golf Teachers Federation began making history by training and certifying golf teaching professionals for the golfing public. By opening the door to those who previously were never given the opportunity to teach golf, the USGTF started a trend that has led the game through two decades of growth and popularity never seen before.

Today, the USGTF is the largest national organization of certified golf teaching professionals in the world. The USGTF is a founding member of the World Golf Teachers Federation® and is one of 42 member nations that make up this entity. Both federations help to establish the world’s standard for golf teaching professionals.

USGTF members can be found in all 50 states and around the world. They serve in many facets of the golf business, including teaching professionals, directors of golf, head professionals, and high-school and college coaches, among many positions that are currently held. USGTF members also have the opportunity to compete in our regional, national, and international events, along with the opportunity to network with their fellow members.

To become a USGTF member, you may select the online Associate Member course or the five-day in-person Certified Golf Teaching Professional® course.  This allows you to select the certification category that is right for you. It is not required to have any prior experience in the golf teaching industry before obtaining certification, except of course, the ability to play golf at a level of acceptability. For this reason, passing a playing ability test is required to become a Certified Golf Teaching Professional®.

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