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As Canada gears up for the 2011 golfing season, we at the CGTF headquarters are looking forward to another great year. Already this season we have been contacted by several golf courses looking to hire instructors in their area. When we receive these job opportunities, we post them on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as e-mail our members who are living in the area. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to be sure you aren’t missing out!
Facebook: Canadian Golf Teachers Federation
Twitter: CanadianGTF

This year marks the year of the 10th biennial World Golf Teachers Cup. We are excited to be travelling south to Orlando, Florida, to compete in this prestigious event. Of course, all Level III & IV CGTF members are welcome to compete in this international competition.

Representing Team Canada will be Bob Richardson, who took the title of Canadian Golf Teachers Champion in 2010 at Angus Glen Golf Club; Christopher Callihoo; who came 2nd in the Canadian Golf Teachers Cup in 2010 and was the Canadian Champion in 2009; and David Belling, who placed 3rd in the 2010 Canadian Cup. The remaining three places on Team Canada will be fi lled from those Canadian members who travel to Orlando and have the lowest scores during the fi rst two days of tournament play in the US Golf Teachers Cup.

We are pleased to announce that we have a new and improved personal use program with Adams Golf. CGTF members who are interested in purchasing new merchandise with Adams Golf can contact Kristine at the CGTF office at 905-849-7254 for information and details on this exciting new offer.

The CGTF have also joined forces with ASICS golf shoes and are able to offer their products to CGTF members at a great discounted price. For details on these shoes you can visit www.RunInAsics.com.

Although he hasn’t won an event anywhere worldwide since November 2009, Tiger Woods is still fi rst and foremost on the minds of many in the golf world. A March 5 article titled “Deconstructing Tiger” appeared in the Toronto Star, and quoted several CGTF pros regarding different aspects surrounding Woods. CGTF course examiner Bill Bath believes Woods is virtually finished and won’t win a major in the next five years. Dave Reid believes Sean Foley is the right fi t for Woods and says he is likely there more for mental than physical reasons. Murray St. Onge believes Woods’ confidence today is nothing like it was a decade ago, an opinion echoed by Steve Oostrom. Dave Belling believes Woods should play more tournament golf, while Greg Salazar thinks Woods will once again ascend to the number one world ranking.

We asked our readers what their opinions were and they wrote:

Les Postnikoff of Alberta writes:
I have always marvelled at Tigers mental toughness but still assumed he was as human as the rest of us. If he can fi nd a way to recall the thought process he used to help him become one of the most focused athletes on the planet, he will once again return to his winning ways. But, if that thought process is not as dominant as the thoughts of his personal woes, then his place in golf history may well be as it is today.

Elmer Strumecki of British Columbia writes:

Performing in golf reflects, as in microcosm, of what is going on in our lives. When he gets his life in order, inclusive of his anger which triggers his flight or fight mode and has no place in excellent performance, he may win again but not until then.

Rafael Kalamat of Ontario writes:

Tiger without a doubt, barring injury of course, will surpass most records including Jack’s 18 majors as we are witnessing the greatest player who ever lived, lest we not forget it will be another 25-50 years before we see another shift in the game of golf. Arnie was the first with the emergence of television, then came Jack. I would not be surprised if we never see any one player dominate as Tiger did in the last 13 years. History will remember Tiger as one of, if not the greatest player, that ever graced the fairways of the world. His social and private innuendos will play second fiddle. His results will speak for themselves.

Lloyd John La Touche of Alberta writes:

Winning is not inherent in everyone. He is a natural winner with an extremely sharp focus. He is struggling to regain his focus. However, that desire to win and the goal to reach Jack’s record number of major wins is keeping him in the game. My money still is on the golfer that has paved the way for modern day pros, coaches, clubs, merchandisers, etc., to make an above-average living because of the attention he brought to the sport. The game is now becoming more mainstream because of Tiger, period. Look at Jhonattan Vegas, for example. No country club kid here. There will be many more main stream successes for the less fortunate golfers that will come up through the ranks, now that the elitism has been removed from the sport. Changing of the guards, I call it.

Rick Jaynes of Ontario writes:

It seems Tiger is now missing those putts he seemed to always make for birdie. His short game recovery shots has let him down, where this was his strongest asset.

Doug Howell of Ontario writes:

It is my opinion that Tiger should return to Butch Harmon as his coach. Butch helped him reach the world’s number one position. The downside is that both have huge egos and Tiger would have to put aside his pride. Harmon is a “no-nonsense” individual, and it shows up in his coaching. That is what Woods needs now. Woods’ confidence will not return as long as he continues to compete at a mediocre level. He has the skills and needs to capitalize on them.

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