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Wolf Named Harvey Penick Recipient

Michael Wolf from Evansville, Indiana, was named the fourth winner of the Harvey Penick Trophy for Excellence in Golf Teaching during the closing banquet and awards ceremony at the 21st annual United States Golf Teachers Cup in Scottsdale, Arizona, on October 11. Wolf’s first mentor was the legendary teacher Chuck Cook, a direct Harvey Penick disciple, […]

Blast From The Past

  Harman wins U.S. Cup for record sixth time When he last won the United States Golf Teachers Cup in 2005, Mark Harman (pictured aboveleft with Cole Golden) said at the closing banquet and awards ceremony that it might be the last time he ever won the tournament, despite winning five times in an eight-year […]

Why Golf Will Never Die

“Today’s kids just want to spend their time playing video games,” say the naysayers about golf, “and on top of that, the game takes too long to play and is too expensive. In addition, with the course closures the past few years, golf is definitely in decline.” Well! That’s a lot of negativity there, so we […]

Transition: The First Move Down

Of all the aspects of teaching the swing, one stands out for its lack of attention…and ironically, most accomplished teachers consider it the most important part of the swing. It’s the transition, the change of directions from the backswing to the forward swing, and a lot of misinformation and trepidation in teaching it exists among the golf instruction world. One reason for this may be the […]