Author: Gregg Steinberg, USGTF Level IV Member

Teach your students to make every course be thier favorite course

There’s an old saying in golf: “Different horses for different courses.” Some players just think and play better on certain courses.  This mental game principle fits Steve Stricker to a tee. Defending his crown, Stricker raced to a strong second-place finish at the 2013 Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Hawaii.  Stricker stated, “This is a […]

In Middle Tennessee

In Middle Tennessee, we are now in the season of transition. The leaves are bright orange and yellow. and all will soon leave their branches and fall to the earth. Nature is making its transition into winter. Transition is a desirable state for many in the workforce. Many individuals are unhappy in their current state. […]

The Olympic Mindset of Golf

Everyone gets nervous: You, me, and even Olympic athletes, including the great Michael Phelps. We all get butterflies when the situation is important to us. That is human nature. The difference is how we view this nervousness.   There is a wise saying in sports psychology: “It is okay to have butterflies; just make sure […]