Golf Teaching Pro Magazine 2017 Winter Issue

Evaluate The Student And Yourself

The Student You are in your office, or behind the counter of the pro shop, or maybe on the driving range finishing your lesson and waiting for the next lesson. Wherever you are, your lesson starts when you immediately see your student, or students, approaching you. You are now in teaching mode. No words are used as you are analyzing […]

Bagpipes and Golf Clubs

As the gentleman left the last green and headed for his golf cart, he was muttering under his breath and whacking his putter into the ground. His playing partner politely asked, “What’s up, Herbie?”“Well, I will give you a hint,” replied Herbie. “The same people that invented golf think that music comes out of bagpipes!” Scots will have you believe they invented golf […]

The Competitive Player

The Balance Between Practicing and Playing Competitive golfers have to balance many factors when it comes to their golf careers, whether they are full-time professional players, up-and-comers, nationally-ranked or state-ranked amateurs, or those serious about playing in the city championship or winning the weekly Nassau at their home club.  Time spent on the course vs. leisure activities, time spent in […]