Food for Thought


Recently, one of the college students whom I work with came home from school. He had a wonderful fall season, but didn’t do so well in the spring. He had made a few swing changes, but seemed like he was on a good path. His poor play was something neither of us had seen coming. […]


Most people have heard the story about the “anonymous” survey that Sports Illustrated covered with some PGA Tour players. For those of you who haven’t, one of the questions asked to name the most overrated player on the PGA Tour. The top two players on the vote were Ricky Fowler and Ian Poulter. The results […]


Watching a recent Golf Channel discussion group on the state of the game, the subject, as often does, came around to how to grow the sport. The ideas were thoughtful and sincere, with mentions of getting more juniors playing, getting behind things like 15-inch holes, foot golf and Top Golf. These are all fine and […]


“Is the glass half full or half empty?”  This is a great question for golfers.  We know people who either complain about their golf game all the time or the golfer who always remains positive about their game even when things aren’t going well.  Which one has a better chance of being a good player?  […]