Teaching Tips


Time away from the game is so good for the brain, from the working out aspect. The best thing for your golf is that the things you work on should always be posture related.  This is because the way we sit, stand, talk, and eat all reflect on how we are going to stand at […]

Group Lessons

Recently, I was contacted by a woman who wanted to take a series of lessons with two of her friends. She stated she felt more comfortable being around her friends while trying to learn how to play golf. This comment made me ask her to elaborate on her feelings. She continued on, saying she would […]


LEARNING A SKILL, PART 1 A successful teacher can transmit his information to the student in the most effective manner possible. To help achieve this goal, it is important to understand how the student receives the information the teachers is sending him. Rather than delve into theories of learning a skill, use simple techniques to […]