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USGTF Golf Teachers Certification Frequently Asked Questions

 Is it necessary to attend the Level I or Level II course prior to attaining full certification?

A. No, you may elect to initially attend the entire certification course.

Q. As a Level I member, am I eligible to play in the annual United States Golf Teachers Cup, World Golf Teachers Cup or USGTF Sectional Events?

A.Participants in the first two events must be either Level III or IV members in good standing. However, you are certainly welcome to attend any sectional event, as the purpose of these tournaments is to promote friendly competition and take advantage of networking opportunities among other USGTF members.

Q. What if I do not pass the playing ability portion of the course? Can I still gain certification?

A1. Provided you have passed the written and teaching aspects of the course and you are within four strokes of the target score, you may within a 12 month period, submit four attested score cards with the appropriate target score or less on any championship course (6,000+ yards). These cards must be attested by any three individuals along with their scores on the same card, and signed by the local professional (four signatures). The fee for this is $35. Prior to submitting the appropriate scores, you will be an associate member.

A2. If your playing ability test score is more than four strokes over the target score, then you must return to any certification site and simply redo the one-day PAT. The fee for this is $150, which includes green and cart fees and the banquet dinner.

Q. Do you have a Senior Division?

A. Yes, we do and we are very proud of our many members over age 50 that are actively teaching and promoting the game.

Men Women
  • Ages 18-49 – score of 83
  • Ages 50-59 – score of 84
  • Ages 60-69 – score of 86
  • Ages 70-over – score of 88
  • Ages 18-49 – score of 85
  • Ages 50-59 – score of 86
  • Ages 60-69 – score of 88

Q. Is there an annual fee to maintain membership?

A. Yes. The annual fee of $215 is due by December 31st of each year. This keeps your membership status in good standing and allows you to take advantage of the many member benefits, Golf Teaching Pro Magazine®, member tournaments, and more.

Still have questions?

Feel free to call us at 1-888-346-3290, or email us at info@usgtf.com.