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Today’s technology has made playing a round of golf easier for the modern player. It has also pretty much eliminated the use of caddies. The golf app has essentially become the modern player’s caddie. There are still some courses that recommend taking a caddie, or there is a charge for not using one –  Pinehurst […]


Recently, one of the college students whom I work with came home from school. He had a wonderful fall season, but didn’t do so well in the spring. He had made a few swing changes, but seemed like he was on a good path. His poor play was something neither of us had seen coming. […]


Most people have heard the story about the “anonymous” survey that Sports Illustrated covered with some PGA Tour players. For those of you who haven’t, one of the questions asked to name the most overrated player on the PGA Tour. The top two players on the vote were Ricky Fowler and Ian Poulter. The results […]


Time away from the game is so good for the brain, from the working out aspect. The best thing for your golf is that the things you work on should always be posture related.  This is because the way we sit, stand, talk, and eat all reflect on how we are going to stand at […]