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I recently met a man in his late 50s who wanted to learn to play golf. I asked him some basic questions: Had he played before or taken lessons, why did he want to pick up the game and what were his expectations? He told me he played when he was first out of college, […]


As some of you are making your tee times in December and playing in short-sleeve golf shirts, enjoy it!  Some of us are not that lucky, due to poor winter weather conditions where we live.  A few weeks ago, I was invited to play indoor golf with some friends.  At first I thought it would […]

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Someone once said there are the two games of golf: golf with friends and tournament golf. It goes without being said that each game is completely different than the other. Either you play golf, or you play competitive golf. As golf teaching professionals, it is important for us to teach both. A majority of our […]

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