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The USGTF Pretenders


The USGTF is one of 45 member nations that make up the World Golf Teachers Federation®

Beware of USGTF PretendersPlease be Aware of Poor Copies

With the growth and success of the United States Golf Teachers Federation over the years, there have naturally been several other entities “wanting to be us.” In addition, with the advent of the internet and the ease of creating websites, these entities promise the world with discounts and guaranteed job opportunities, etc. One entity even goes as far as to say, “next to the PGA we are the best and our members teach over 40 tour players!” This type of common deceptive marketing, especially to those new to the industry is misleading and harmful to the integrity of the profession. However, without speaking poorly of other entities, it is simply important to ask questions: remember, you want to affiliate yourself with an organization that is going to help guide and shape your career.

Ask Questions

Here are some pertinent questions to ask:

USGTF National Office

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Our national office in Florida has a full-time staff and welcomes scores of visiting USGTF members to our facility each year. In fact, we try to create a memorable experience for all of our guests.

USGTF Member Publication

Additionally, you are welcome to compare our publication which is the official publication of the World Golf Teachers Federation with that of any other entity. The information within and quality of our magazine should immediately alleviate confusion on anyone’s part. USGTF and World Golf Teachers Federation members are privy to over 25 years of archived articles on every aspect of the golf teaching profession.

NEW! A special 25th anniversary edition of Golf Teaching Pro has been published and sent out to all WGTF members.

Articles include wrap-ups of the United States Golf Teachers Cup in Mississippi and the World Golf Teachers Cup in China, as well as articles by featured USGTF writers such as Mike Stevens, Dr. Michelle Cleere, Dr. Pat Montana, and Sally J. Sportsman on various topics of interest to all golf teaching professionals.

You are also always welcome to submit articles for consideration for publication to info@usgtf.com.


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Teaching Education

To become a fully-certified USGTF golf teaching professional a candidate must undergo approximately 34 hours of teaching curriculum and testing procedures. Candidates receive thorough instruction in teaching all phases of the game, have a sound understanding of the golf swing and its causes and effects, and have learned proven teaching techniques. All members of the USGTF examination staff have not only undergone extensive training, but have been teaching people how to teach golf around the world for many years.


The words “Certified Golf Teaching Professional®” and “Master Golf Teaching Professional®” are United States federal registered trademarks. The use of these names in any business or promotional marketing other than by USGTF or WGTF members is prohibited.

World Recognized Leader

With the time, effort, expense and pride in attaining your golf teaching certification you definitely want to be affiliated with a legitimate organization recognized worldwide, that can help you grow in the industry.

More Facts to Consider: