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USGTF Examiners Course

It takes a special type of person to be a USGTF examiner – someone with talent, leadership skills and dedication to the growth of the sport. The first step in attaining this goal is to secure your Level IV USGTF Master Teaching Professional certification. This as you know is the highest level of certification in the organization. Another step is to shadow a Level I or Level II certification and experience what it is like to give out information instead of taking it. Many find this a very challenging, completely different experience to truly coach your peers.

The outcome of the travel, coaching and understudying is an individual who has a greater understanding of how to present information to his or her peers and is a very valuable asset to our organization. They also are now on their way to understanding exams and higher level education events.

You will find that the examining staff share ideas and information, try new slants on concepts and allow you to bring your ideas to the table.

The selection of USGTF examiners is developed from an interview based format. The interview is just like a job interview because obviously, this is a job. In order to be invited to the interview, candidates will require the following:

-Level IV Membership
-Letter of interest
-One day examiners course
-Shadowing of a Level I or Level II course

The examiners’ training programs will be held the day after the two scheduled Level IV courses September 11, 2014 in Port St. Lucie, FL and November 27, 2014 in Phoenix, AZ. Cost $75. In the meantime, USGTF professional development is every member’s responsibility. If examining at certification courses is a career goal for you, you should strongly consider the USGTF Examiners’ Training Program.