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4th Annual World Golf Teachers Cup®


Spain • 2000

Another World Golf Teachers Cup has come to an end, but for those participants the magnitude of the event lingers throughout the year. Nearly 200 teachers from around the world represented the World Golf Teachers Federation with pride. The week in Spain was truly educational and many thanks go out to our host Peter Dunne and the host professional Nigel German . Oliva Nova Golf Resort, designed by Seve Ballesteros, on the east coast of Spain was a grand location with excellent facilities, hotel, golf course, and staff .

The days had many highlights and special moments topped o ff by Team Europe’s victory. Everyone was pleased with the week and the camaraderie with old friends. The following are some of the best moments that I encountered. I hope that this encourages everyone who missed this year’s World Golf Teachers Cup to attend next year.

Saturday began with the opening evening welcome cocktail party where Peter Dunne, European Golf Teachers Federation president, gave an introductory speech on the week’s events. I reacquainted myself with many European friends of mine including Mick Quaid, Steve McHenry, Keith Warring, Gerry O’Gorman and Douglas Boreland. Always a highlight is the Irish and Scottish contingent with their unique sense of humor. Team Asia were certainly not hard to spot that evening as they are all  sported sharp looking red jackets. Peter Dunne of course, could not let this pass and commented that the band had just arrived! It is always fun for me to visit with my World Golf Teachers Federation friends. For some, it seemed that the night lasted well into the morning .

Team USA Team Canada

On Sunday the competition began. It was the beginning of the European Championship. I played with a great guy named Dean Davies from London, England who played a serious game until I made him laugh uncontrollably on the 7th hole when I
sank to my knees in the mud as I hit a shot out of the creek . Along with Chris Gilmore from Cyprus, we had a relaxing but competitive round of golf.

Monday’s game was very special for me. I will never forget it. I had the honor to play with Mick Quaid from Ireland. Not only is my Irish friend a good golfer, but one heck of a guy. It was the highlight of the week for me. Monday was also the final day culmination of the European Golf Teachers Championship. Henri Brulhart of Switzerland won the European Championship ending the three year reign of Pat Trainor from Ireland .

Team Europe Team Asia

Tuesday began the World Golf Teachers Doubles Championship. My partner was Charles Simon from Germany. We did not win but we may have laughed more than anyone that day. Charles played well but one shot that he hit I will always remember. Charles teed off on the fourteenth hole. He hit a real low Texas-type shot that hit a pot of sand that the greens keeper mistakenly left near the ladies tee. It left a perfect hole in the pile of sand for all to see.

Wednesday was the final of the World Doubles Championship. I had the honor of playing with Nigel German who not only is a fine golfer but a gentleman. It was another great game that only happens at the World Golf Teachers Cup. Douglas Boreland of Scotland and Jack McCullars of Morocco won the competition.

Team Event Photo

Thursday’s competition was the World Golf Teachers Cup Individual event. Douglas Boreland of Scotland won the competition with a great round of one under par. I had the honor of playing with Milan Sur of Czechoslovakia and Ron Mitchell of England.

Friday was the World Golf Teachers Cup Team event. Six person teams from Europe, United States, Canada and Asia were represented. The event was a combined total point stableford format with the lowest five of six team scores determining the victor. Europe won in a close match followed by the United States, Asia, and Canada. Congratulations are certainly in order for Team Europe.

Friday night was a true gala banquet with excellent food and entertainment. Awards were given out for all of the events. Douglas Boreland, the World Golf Teachers Cup Champion gave a very moving speech and then donated his prize winnings to the Turkish relief fund. It was a wonderful gesture of generosity, and another example of the many fine people that re p resent our global family of golf teaching professionals. Afterwards, everyone chatted well into the night.

As you can see, the 2000 World Golf Teachers Cup was a true success. The competition was great but the camaraderie and friendship were the highlights for me. I feel lucky and proud to be a part of the World Golf Teachers Federation. I learn so much from each and every member every time I attend one of these events. It is a great opportunity for golf teaching professionals to compete with one another.

I would like to give a special thanks to Geoff Bryant who made the week special for me and who helped us look on the bright side after having to relinquish the coveted cup to Europe . Also I would like to mention some other people who made the week great: Peter Dunne, Bob Wyatt, Morten Mortensen, Charles Simon, Dave Hill, Kenny Butler, Sammy Oh and all of Team USA as well as Team Europe, Canada and Asia. Also, Keith Warring, Peter Schmitdner, William Kiely, Dieter Lang, Nigel German, Kern Doucet, Tony Ransford, Douglas Gray, Henri Brulhart, and Georges and Jocelyn Derval. Thanks to you all and everyone else who made the week one to remember. See you in 2001!

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